Presidential handover 2018/19

We had a lovely presidential handover event today.  Martin Wellings mentioned some of the highlights of his year: the Said Business School visit, Children Singing for Children, and the great range of speakers.  He spoke of the challenge of continuing to do what we enjoy, whilst making sure the club continues to welcome (and be welcoming to) new members.

Bill Topping was then inducted as the 2018-19 club president.  He thanked Martin for his year.  Bill assured us that he was looking forward to the challenges ahead.  He talked of his history with Rotary and his indebtedness to his wife and brother who were both present for his induction.   As for the year ahead, he has no huge plans: he feels that Rotary works, it is not broken so he doesn’t want to try to fix it.  He will be considering his charitable event, but the charity he will be supporting is likely to be in support of homelessness.

Bill said that Bill Liddell was a former president and had been head postmaster of Oxford, so Bill was privileged to be the second post office representative as president.

Well done Bill, and good luck for your year ahead.

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