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An annual cash prize of £300 in the field of international development

awarded for a report on an individual or group project or for a design for such a project


The project remit is international development: the promotion of ‘peace and welfare’ (between nations and/or between local populations) through

  • educational and/or social welfare initiatives
  • medical projects
  • engineering and construction projects

Examples of likely subjects include: education provision for refugee children, programmes to remedy congenital illnesses in impoverished populations, the establishment of fresh water supply through rain collection tanks, new pumps etc.


The report can be the work of an individual or a group and will describe a project which has already taken place, which is taking place now, or which is planned for the future and in which the entrants have some personal involvement. The project need not be confined to the current academic year.

The report may take the following forms:

  • a text essay
  • a submission including photographs, diagrams, maps etc
  • a media presentation in any form (ie a film, or video), or in mixed media

All submissions are expected to include a text element of at least 1000 words. The report language is to be English.

Entry and Judging 

Entry forms are available for download from here, and view the project spec. here

Expressions of interest in taking part may be made at any time but by 30 June if possible.

The closing date for project submission is 1 December. Project submission should be in electronic format via the website.

There will be three judges: the Chair of the Club’s International Committee, an academic specialist in the field of international development, and a specialist from the Oxford school community. The decision of the judges will be final and will be announced on 1 January.

Or fill the online form here


The prize is open to all pupils (individually or in groups) from Years 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 in the following schools:

Cheney School, (The) Cherwell School, d’Overbroeck’s, Endeavour Academy, Headington School, (The) Iffley Academy, Mabel Pritchard School, Magdalen College School, Matthew Arnold School, (The) Oxford Academy, Oxford High School, Oxford Spires Academy, Rye St. Antony School, St. Clare’s, St. Edward’s School, St. Gregory the Great, Wychwood School, Bellerby’s College (Oxford Study Centre), Carfax College, Oxford International College, Kings Oxford (St Joseph’s).


Enquiries regarding the competition can be made at any time to:

David Davison, Chairman, International Committee

Andrew Anderson, Committee member:

May 2016